5 Reasons to Shop Local

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5 Reasons to Shop Local
This seems like a no-brainer these days, however, small businesses are still struggling to compete with big companies, like Amazon. 
So, what are some reasons we should really focus on shopping local?
1. Provide to local economy - locally owned businesses are more likely to cycle their money back into their community, as well as employ locals, who will do the same.
2. Contributing to a better environment - when products don't need to be imported from another country, it conserves energy and resources by reducing CO2 emissions, the amount of fuel used for transport and the packaging needed to protect the product for travel. 
3. Unique and meaningful products - local businesses also create a unique environment within our communities, by supplying products that are not available elsewhere.
4. Building lasting relationships within the community - when you support local businesses, it allows you to meet and connect with the business owners and their employees. Small business owners are also more likely to support and encourage other small business owners within communities.
5. Way better service - it is personal. Putting a face to a name allows the the opportunity to ask questions and engage conversation. Small business owners have a lot invested in their companies and will do their best to make their clients happy.
Do you have any local, BC based businesses that you like to support? Leave their name in the comments below and we will give them a show out! Let’s share the local love 🤍