5 Ways to Refresh Your Home to Accommodate Your Changing Needs

5 Ways to Refresh Your Home to Accommodate Your Changing Needs

According to Statista, at least 32% of the workforce in Canada work from a home office. Homeowners are also looking for more ways to entertain family and friends at home. Consider the following five ways of redecorating or restructuring your living space to meet your family's current needs.


1. Redecorate Your Home Office

If you've been working at home for a while, you may have grown accustomed to drab walls or decorations leftover from the guest bedroom your office used to be. A new coat of paint, office-friendly decorations, and a small snack fridge can go a long way to making your spare room or even your closet feel like a true workspace. In addition to the decor, you'll have a distraction-free space for work, an area to keep your physical work (such as papers and files) organized, and the quiet needed to boost your productivity.


2. Repair Your Furniture

If your favorite couch is too damaged to contribute to a relaxing environment, consider DIYing a small upholstery job or contacting an upholstery service to make it look new again. You should take into account the type of fabric and the size of the pieces before you set your budget. Look online for local professionals and read reviews online before asking for a quote. You may want to restore home office furniture while renovating your workspace as well. A large couch may set you back about $1,200 to $3,500 for upholstery repair.


3. Create a Playroom for Your Kids

If you have a basement or attic space that could accommodate a playroom, consider finishing out this room with the help of a licensed contractor or clearing out junk to make room for toys, games, a train table, and a small tent that will keep preschool-aged children amused for hours. Revamping your attic is also a good way to help boost the appraisal value of your home — just remember that you’ll need to keep records of the changes you’ve made.


4.Think About How You Like to Entertain

Though it's not always possible — or within your budget — to knock down walls and renovate your first floor, it's worth considering a remodel if you frequently entertain guests. Ask a contractor for more ideas for changing your living room, kitchen, and dining area to a newer, more spacious open floor plan. In contrast, if you're tired of the space and you want a cozier feel for intimate parties, you can join a new wave of home designers that eschew the open floor plan in favor of a more traditional design.


5. Consider Moving to a New Home

Around 4 million Canadians move every year, and most of these moves are local. If you're not able to change your living space to accommodate your lifestyle, research the housing market in your area or get in touch with an experienced realtor to have a conversation about your family's needs. Depending on the time of year and the state of the housing market, you may be able to find a good deal on a larger home or one with a more suitable floor plan for your current wishes. Work with well-reviewed real estate pros in the area to find your dream home with ease.


If you need a home office, a spare bedroom, or a more relaxing central area of your home, there are ways to achieve these goals without maxing out your finances. Consider changing your space first, but if it proves to be impossible, then get in touch with a realtor to help you find a home that works for everyone in your family.


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