Coffee Table Styling Basics

Coffee Table Styling Basics

Has anyone's coffee table been taken over by Lego in the last year or so? Mine sure has! Seeing as we are getting closer to being able to have people over again (fingers crossed!), we have put together a few simple rules for styling your coffee table with items that you can easily find around your home!

Mix shapes + textures - textures are especially important, if you are styling a glass coffee table. Use a mix of items that are hard + soft, textured + smooth, round + flat.

 coffee table styling mixing textures

Use different heights - an easy way to accomplish this is to use books. Find books that interest you or that will spark conversation.  If you don't have the money to purchase pricey coffee table books, you can purchase old hardcover books at thrift stores and remove the covers.

stacked books on styled coffee table






Odd Number Groupings - add interest by letting go of your need for symmetry, and group your items in odd numbers, following the "rule of three" principle. This states that the human eye finds odd numbers more appealing.

When in doubt...keep it simple! If you aren't sure a simple stack of books, or a vase with flowers (dried or fresh) is better then nothing at all. 

Shop the purchase the items in the top photo, click on the images below!

Loose leaf atlas ebonized bowl 

Dougherty Glassworks bud vase

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