Creating a Guest Room That Your Guests Won’t Want to Leave

Creating a Guest Room That Your Guests Won’t Want to Leave

Travel is opening back up, so you might be hoping that your distant family and friends will come and visit! I don’t know about you, but I miss my family and friends enough to have them come for an extended visit!
If you are in the same boat, here are some ways to spruce up your guest room, to make them welcome and comfortable…
A good place to start, is thinking about hotels and other places that you have stayed and loved to get some inspiration. 
Comfy bed is key - a comfortable mattress is important, but having soft, natural bedding (cotton or linen) and a couple different weight blanket options also helps. I’m especially happy when there are different pillow options too!
End tables are essential - if you don’t have space for a table, having a small shelf on either side or pulling the headboard away from the wall and installing a shelf behind the bed, will work in a tighter space. It’s helpful to also make this a convenient spot for charging phones - be an extra thoughtful host, by leaving a phone charger or two handy!
Keep the light out - having blackout curtains are an important piece; lots of people are light sensitive and if they are on holiday, probably want to sleep past sunrise! If you can't afford new window coverings, you could even pick up a couple of eye masks to block the light.
Suitable storage - if you’re like me, you like to unpack if you are staying somewhere for longer then a night. Having a couple empty drawers or a space in the closet for hanging, is a thoughtful touch. Tight on space? Even a few hooks will help.

Extra seating - not all guests want to visit all the time; especially if they are staying a while (even if it’s been a pandemic length since they’ve seen you!). Having a chair or even a bench at the end of the bed will give your guests an additional spot to sit and read or at least another surface to put bags or purses, besides the floor.
Additional special touches - here are a few more ideas to wow your guests:
- water pitcher and glasses
- clean fluffy towels and maybe even a robe.
- welcome basket with toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, soap and pain killers. You could even include a list of nearby coffee shops, restaurants and other fun places to visit.
- books and/or magazines for bedtime reading (and having reading lights beside the bed is a must!).
- fresh flowers, decorative toss cushions and fun, framed photos of you with the guests are sweet extra touches.
Are you expecting company this summer? Or planning on visiting someone else? Drop a line and let us know if you have any additional must haves!


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