Design Trend #1 - Pantone's colour of the year.

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Design Trend #1 - Pantone's colour of the year.
Every year Pantone selects it's colour of the year; this year on December 9th, they selected not one, but two colours. This is only the second time in history that more then one colour has been selected:
design trend 2021 grey + yellow
I know, I are probably thinking the same thing I was, when I heard that they were forecasting GRAY as the new colour of the year. But, when you think about how 2020 when down, it makes sense that this is what they came out with. Think about the colour grey; it's dreary, boring and moody. It's also a very practical colour and truth be told, one of my favourites! 
If you look further into what the colour grey means, when it comes to Colour Psychology, it is a solid and strong colour, that lacks excitement. And according to Pantone's press statement, Ultimate Gray represents "feelings of composure, steadiness and resilience." Okay, they seem to have us there.
So, it's no wonder that they had to introduce a second colour, yellow, to pump things up a bit! Illuminating represents happiness, sunshine and optimism. And the Psychology behind the personality of the colour yellow? It's partly about being selective with friends, keeping your friend groups tight and not wanting to get involved in large gatherings or team events. 
How much more 2021 can it get, than that?!
If you're looking to bring some of these trending colours into your home, but don't want to pull out the paint brush, we suggest finding some artwork or textiles that can tie these colours into your existing decor.