Design Trend #2 - Shades of Green

Design Trend #2 - Shades of Green

Bringing the outdoors in, will continue to trend this year - many people started adopting plant babies into their lives last year, as there is something therapeutic about being surrounded by greenery and we all needed a little therapy after last year! 
And it wasn't just about about potting some plants and calling it a day...
It became popular to propagate plants to trade with friends or sell on your local Buy and Sell.
With the growing popularity of macramé (and people having more free time to dedicate towards learning a new craft), hanging plants gained popularity. 

Air plants and succulents surged and so did the adorable little containers that you can put them in.
Not good with plants? No problem; here are a few that are easy to take care of, but still make an impact on your space:


Snake plant - not only is it easy to grow, it also purifies the air.




ZZ Plant - this one kind of resembles a plastic fern, and is only   a little harder to care for.   




Spider Plant - this one prefers bright light, but will grow  in low light and if you forget to water it, it will forgive  you!




Pothos - these trailing plants are super popular this year, especially with the younger crowd. They look great trailing along a shelf or hanging from a cute macramé hanger. This one will also act as an air purifier in your home! 




Here are some great ways to style your plants in your home!

 Bearing Woodwork

Filament Design
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