Design Trend #3 - Outdoor Living Spaces

Design Trend #3 - Outdoor Living Spaces

We talk a lot in design about bringing the outdoors in, but this is shaping up to become the year of bringing the indoors out!
As the weather gets warmer and restrictions across the country start to ease up (yes please!), we are going to want to have an outdoor space to hang out in, so we can start socializing again.

 We spent a lot of time last Spring, revamping our yard and patio, so that we could expand our living space and spread out a bit (there IS such thing as too much togetherness!). And while, you may not have a ton of space to work with or a ton a time, here are a few ideas to create an outdoor oasis...


Comfortable furniture - can't afford new patio furniture? Check out your local buy and sell (reuse!) or build your own using left over pallets (recycle!).


Warmth- heat lamps and fire pits are great options. You can also invest in some heavy blankets (or heated blanket) that you can pass around, to keep everyone cozy and warm.

Location - small backyard? Try setting up a little seating area in your front yard; this could mean a couple of chairs on your porch or a dining table out on the grass. Another option, is to make a space tucked away in one of your garden beds for a little bistro table and chairs; just put down some gravel and create a little pathway using decorative pavers.

Lighting - don't forget this important element! Until the days start getting longer, you will want to illuminate the area; think fairy lights, candles in masons jars, torches or lanterns. There are also lots of solar options out there right now!


We are in the final stretch and spring is right around the corner, so don't wait too long to spruce up that outdoor space!

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