Getting Creative with your Home Office

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Getting Creative with your Home Office
How many of you have found yourselves working from home in the past year? Or maybe you have become a homeschool teacher and have multiple kids at home needing a place to work...
In either case, having an organized space that is practical, but also inspiring, is just as important to keep the creative juices flowing!
If you have multiple people working in one area, colour coded, wall mounted file folders are a great way to keep everyone's paperwork organized. Bulletin boards are also a great way to showcase the kids work or work reminders.
Floating shelves can hold decorative storage baskets, to help keep your workspace clutter free, and can also house plants to bring some colour and freshness to the space. This also helps to keep the items you use often at arms reach and the things you need less often tucked away.
Wallpaper, a fun light fixture, a comfortable chair and a small area rug are all things that will help bring your space to life!
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