Grandmillennial Style - How to Get That Look.

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Grandmillennial Style - How to Get That Look.
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Grandmillennial style (also referred to as Granny-Chic, by some), is not a new idea; it involves pairing modern design elements, with classic, antique style decor.
Have you recently started decorating your walls with needlepoint? 
Do you love to set your table, using your Grandma's china?
Are you suddenly wishing you would have kept your mom's old wicker furniture, pleated lampshades and tassled/fringed velvet toss cushions?
This trend just might be for you! It's all about making the minimalist style of the past years, cozier, warmer and brighter.
Here are some easy ways to achieve this look:
  • showcasing your "collections" - remember when people used to collect things? My mom collected bird figurines, my grandpa collected bird plates and I am pretty sure that my sister had a pretty rad unicorn figurine collection! You could start a new collection and display it in groupings around your home.
  • patterns - layering patterns throughout the room; maybe a large floral print paper on the walls (or just one wall, if you want to start small), paired with some coordinating fabrics on the toss cushions (don't forget the tassels!). This one requires some thought, as the space is meant to look intentional, as opposed to cluttered and kitschy. Keeping the colour scheme in the earth tones and only using a few colours will help with that.
  • lighting; bring on the ornate table lamps, with pleated shades and the big crystal chandeliers in the dining room.
This style is meant to be pretty and fun - we think the key is to not go too far and pair it with a clean, contemporary pieces; think West Coast/Vintage fusion.
What do you think about this trend?
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