Hanging Art - 3 common mistakes people make

Hanging Art - 3 common mistakes people make

Good example of properly hung artwork, courtesy of Magda Johnson.

Height of Artwork 

Unless hanging a piece above a piece of furniture, you should aim for the centre of the piece to be at "eye height", which translates to about 56" - 60" off of the floor. If hanging above a piece of furniture, it should be between 3-6” above (see image above). 

Size of Artwork

While it is fairly easy to sense whether or not a piece of art is too small on a large wall, it gets trickier if you are hanging something above a piece of furniture. When hanging a piece of art over furniture, you need to make sure that the piece is in proportion to the space, while being mindful of any objects that might be occupying the white space surrounding the artwork (again see image above).

Good rule of thumb…above a piece of furniture, the piece (or combined pieces), should be 2/3 the size of the furniture.

If the piece you are hanging is too small for the space on it's own, find another piece that works with it and hang them as if they are one piece of art. Leaving an inch or two spacing between them; still follow the height of hanging rule, using the centre of the two pieces combined, to determine the height

Awkward Gallery Walls

To make a gallery wall work, artwork either needs to be part of a collection, such as work from Julia Di Sano or Maylies Lang or pieces that work together, but include different sizes, shapes and textures. 

Create your own stunning gallery wall, using the coordinating pieces below!

BLack Bear Jenna Jones

 Jenna Jones Art - Black Bear


Arbutus Tangle Eileen Kiyonoga

Eileen Kiyonaga - Arbutus Tangle


Minttu Fibre Arts black and white sideways weave

Minttu Fibre Arts - Black & Cream Textural Weave

Pacific Northwest Prints - Pavel

Pacific Northwest Prints - Pavel

Tofino Maylies Lang

 Maylies Lang - Tofino BC

Transitions Julia Di Sano

Julia Di Sano - Transitions

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