International Women’s day - Part 5

International Women’s day - Part 6

If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Celina, of ffabb and Fabulous Furnishings, then you are missing out on knowing a fabulous human being! Here’s a little more about her 🤍
1. What motivated you to start your own business?
I was raised by 2 entrepreneurs and I think Ive just always had that will in me. I was dreaming up ways to make money on my own from a young age which probabily came mostly from necesety. I had already 5 businesses by the age of 10! lol. I liked the excitement and satisfaction of making money with my own hands and will. 

2. What was the biggest challenge? 
Starting a business at the age of 18 with no post education, makes for a lot of trial and error. If I had gone to school and taken some business courses/had more of a plan I might have made less mistakes at start up and been able to get ahead much quicker. 

3. What had been your greatest reward?
The Fabulous Umbrella as I call it! We have so many beautiful humans in our community, be it clients from over 20 years of servising, Friends, Suppliers, Staff, Contracors and Colleagues that make it all worth while and an absolute pleasure to do business.
I read a quote on the weekend that I love : The creation of a thousand forests is in one accorn. -Ralph Waldo Emerson.  

And a few quick fire questions;

Morning or Night? As I get older I am leaning into the mornings. I find peace and magic in the early mornings after a tea that is! 

Hot or Cold? Love them both. Contrast is key. 
Silence or Background noise? Music in the shop is a must. If music isnt playing while we work someone always yells out...hey turn on the tunes! 

Roughing it or Luxury/Pampered? At this moment I would say semi roughing it in BC. 

Singing in public or Singing in the shower? Singing everywhere. Cant stop wont stop!  

Love it!! Thank you Celina, and thank you to all the women who participated in our Q and A...and to all of you who followed along 🧡
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