International Women’s Day - Part 5

International Women’s Day - Part 5

We recently brought Lois on, as one of our Makers and were very inspired by her story 🤍
  1. What motivated you to start your own business?
  • After the birth of our last born, I knew I did not want to return to work as a customer service representative for one of the telecom companies.  Our fourth child had come to us after a 12-year gap.  I felt the need to be at home full time especially with a baby joining us. At the same time, my husband is self-employed, and financial support was also needed.  It is then that I realised I came from a rich cultural background where there are very gifted artisans both in my extended family and in my community in Kenya.  Providing a platform for their crafts would be a win for them in that their crafts would be available to a new group of people and I also got to learn how to weave the beautiful baskets. The business now includes a small local production unit.

    What was the biggest challenge? 

  • Visibility was / is a huge challenge.  A lot of people do not know about my business.  Sharing my story and marketing are the way out of this.


  • Supply chain management is also challenge since I want to ensure that all aspects of the goods are of best quality.  Most of the artisans I work with are rural folk, this poses a challenge in terms of communication infrastructure where they are located.


     What has been your greatest reward?
  • Seeing the growth of my own brand has been very rewarding.  Getting beautiful handmade goods from my native community to my new community is very rewarding.  The stories of the rural artisan woven and ‘read’ by discerning consumers is very rewarding. 
    Rapie Fire!
    Day or Night
    Hot or Cold
    Background noise or Silence
    Roughing it or Pampered
    Singing in the shower or Singing in public 
    Thanks Lois 🧡
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