International Women's Day - Lani Sheldon

International Women's Day - Part One

In support of International Women's day, this week, we will be sharing with you some kick ass women entrepreneurs.
Starting today with Lani Sheldon of Featherlite Designs. 

1. What motivated you to start your own business:
Truly it was a desire to help women feel empowered and fully seen in their career and business goals. Myself included. Too often women are doing massively impactful things in their work, their communities, their homes, and at the time the digital + web design world felt inaccessible and corporate; with too many (both perceived and real) barriers to entry. I wanted to create what I desired for myself - a supportive, fun, empowering and approachable process that empowers us to grow sustainable, profitable, change-making businesses that can bust down walls and leave a lasting impact.
2. Biggest challenge:
TIME. I started my business in the early years of motherhood, with a newborn and a toddler + very limited childcare. I still believe affordable, accessible childcare is a huge barrier to entry for women in business as the gender pay gap often means that as mothers we are more often shouldering the burden of being the partner who has to, regardless of career ambitions and long-term earning potential, stay home with our littles when childcare can't be accessed, when kids are sick, or when employers are simply not accommodating to more flexible working arrangements.  This was another reason I started my business at the time that I did - to open up the possibilities for mothers (and myself) to work together online after their 9 to 5 or when their kids were tucked into bed. I knew the challenges they faced and was determined to create a flexible way of working that could open doors for us all.
3. Greatest reward:
So many truly. Recently I would say it has been having these incredible long-term partnerships with several of my clients that allows me to be their biggest cheerleader, their hype girl, their marketing sounding board & getting to create alongside them as their brands & businesses grow. It's so rewarding to be able to see something come to fruition that was once just a seed of an idea, then roll out into the hands of their own customers whether it be through beautiful packaging I see tagged in unboxing videos, or watching their online sales jump when we redesign their website. It's such a wild ride to be a part of.
Rapid Fire!
Morning or Night? Night 10000%. Total night owl here.
Hot or Cold? Cold. I am always wrapped in a blanket, flannel pjs, slippers, and wearing a toque. And I'm still cold.
Silence or Background noise? Background noise. I need a podcast or 90s throwback tunes to work by. I'd still use white noise at night if my husband didn't loathe it!
Roughing it or Luxury/Pampered? Luxury. #sorrynotsorry
Singing in public or Singing in the shower? BOTH. (To my kids' embarassment)
Thanks Lani!!
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