International Women's Day - Part Three

International Women's Day - Part Three

It only makes sense to follow up Deanna's introduction, with Shannon's! Both of these women's have played a part in supporting many small businesses within Squamish! We caught up with her and got her answers on the following questions....
1. What motivated you to start your own business?
I've always had an entrepreneurial mindset since I was young and after graduating from University I decided it was time to start up a business when I couldn't find a job that fit within my values. If you can't find it, build it and they will come!

2. What was the biggest challenge?
When I started in business I was 24 so I was young and stepping into my leadership role which was incredibly intimidating. I had to learn how to become a leader even if I didn't feel like I belonged and silence my inner critic.

3. What has been your greatest reward?
Building and creating events and communities from scratch. I've had a lot of experience starting from concept to launch to execution. To see a big project get executed on is such a great feeling! 

Quick Fire!
*these are hard, I'm a bit of both - haha!
Morning or Night? Morning
Hot or Cold? Love a cold dip but I love a hot day!
Silence or Background noise? Silence
Roughing it or Luxury/Pampered? Ohhh! I do both. I like the balance.
Singing in public or Singing in the shower? Shower
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