International Women's Day - Part Two

International Women's Day - Part Two

Next up, we have the lovely Deanna, who is a queen of social media and spends a lot of her time helping new businesses (like us!) get noticed! If you live in our community, chances are you know Deanna!
1. What motivated you to start your own business?
It’s a funny long story dating back to 2011 - but I’ll just stick with... I have this desire and passion to help people with their business, so I made a business out of it!

2. What was the biggest challenge?
Finding time In the early years... Motherhood + entrepreneurship (motherhood and anything really) was so tough! Thankfully as my kids get older it gets easier.

3. What had been your greatest reward?
The life that I have created. Doing work I love and have the freedom for everything outside of that!

Quick Fire!

Morning or Night? Morning 
Hot or Cold? Hot
Silence or Background noise? Silence 
Roughing it or Luxury/Pampered? Pamper me
Singing in public or Singing in the shower? Shower
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