Unconventional Design Solutions

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Unconventional Design Solutions

(The creative space above is from Small Works, a design firm specializing in sustainable, creative design solutions.)

As designers, we are trained to think outside the box. A creative design solution needs to be functional, innovative and it needs to solve a problem. Oh...and the client needs to like it! 
We've compiled a few ideas that we think are creative ways to make use of small spaces.

 hidden kitchen office space

Hidden Office - this little office space is concealed in the cabinetry of the kitchen. Complete with a stool that tucks away (no need to drag dining chairs around), and room for a monitor; this would be a great place for kids to do homework while you are cooking. 


hidden book storage creative design solutions

Design: Small Works Studio

Book-lover's Solution - As a lover of books, most of which I do not want to part with, I think this idea is genius, if you are dealing with a small space. No need to purge those beloved books!


Design: Pure Design, Inc.

 Disappearing Closet - This is a great way to make use of the space under the stairs and is super helpful for small spaces that lack coat storage.

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