Collection: Cindy Chiang Art

Cindy Chiang is an emerging abstract artist based in the quaint, but vibrant town of Fort Langley, BC Canada.

Having spent her childhood by the water, the flowing movement of the ocean and river are some of Cindy’s favourite elements to integrate into her paintings. Being out in the nature has been a place of escape and inspiration for Cindy’s artwork. 

Often with no plan in mind, Cindy’s artwork take on a life of its own. The colour palettes and style evolves constantly, dependent on her mood and feeling she wishes to express on the canvas. Cindy’s intuitive process draws on the environment, so she has since transformed her working space into a creative jungle filled with many plants. In addition to this fluid approach, Cindy has allowed her music playlist to influence her creative energy. At the end, she is always met with being pleasantly surprised by her own work.