Collection: Eileen Kiyonaga Artworks

Eileen is a multidisciplinary artist that uses wood and watercolour to communicate the fluid lines and natural geometries she finds so appealing in nature. The majority of the wood she uses are off-cuts from previous furniture projects. All other materials are purchased locally with sustainability in mind. Based out of Squamish, BC, Eileen finds the ancestral lands of the Squamish and Lil’wat Nations truly awe-inspiring. The sources of inspiration in this area are endless.

Growing up in rural Ontario in a house that truly nurtured creativity and ingenuity, studying industrial design in university felt like a natural fit for Eileen. In the years after however, Eileen came to realize how important it was for her to be creating with her hands, so she went on to take the Fine Furniture and Joinery course in Victoria. Working with wood felt completely natural and after years of building furniture, Eileen began to shift that focus towards creating art. With two young daughters, her house is full of creative messes!