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*Due to the state of emergency here in BC, Exshaw Quilts will not be producing any more products until the New Year, thanks for your understanding*



Kimberly Exshaw is a BC based quiltmaker, natural fabric dyer and photographer with a background in branding and design which assisted her in creating and selling original and commissioned hand stitched, naturally dyed cotton quilts from her 90 year old log cabin in the woods.

Her focus is to not only create cherished heirloom pieces that provide comfort, warmth & beauty for generations to come but to also bring folklore back to the modern world.

“I love the rustic vibes of hand quilted and naturally dyed quilts. There is something truly beautiful and timeless about a hand stitched quilt; they are full of texture— something you can not find in a machine quilted piece. They remind me of cozy old farmhouses, American Folk Art and the comfort of a simple life.”

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