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Kassandra Turmel is an abstract artist based in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. She works primarily with alcohol based ink, resin, and paints from she makes in her studio from foraged mineral and plant pigments.
Her artistic journey started at a very young age thanks to her mother who was an watercolourist and still-life illustrator, and her father who was a musician. Because of them she was able to explore many different art forms in her life and has fallen in love with almost all of them.
She best expresses emotion and stories through abstract landscapes - those that inspire her here in the mountains of British Columbia, and ones that stretch as far as New Zealand. She loves using bright and playful colours to best represent the joy she feels to be connected to nature and to these beautiful landscapes that have been her backdrop and inspiration on her journey through life.
After working as an art teacher for a number of years in Vancouver, she now pursues her art career in the mountains, and teaches abstract art and natural pigment classes online.

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