Collection: Minttu Fibre Arts

Lotte Bond is a self-taught fibre artist who lives in Squamish, BC with her husband and three young boys. She has always been attracted to the arts; however, just started weaving approximately three years ago. She attributes her artistic nature to her architect father, while her modern Scandinavian style stems from her Finnish mother. Organic shapes, patterns, and texture are often used in her pieces, along with beautiful pieces of driftwood collected from local Nexen Beach and Savary Island where Lotte's family has a summer home. 

Subconsciously, textiles have surrounded Lotte her entire life with two of her mother's best friends being prominent weavers. As a child, she remembers attending their gallery exhibitions and spying on their looms when she visited their homes. Their works have always been displayed in her parents' home and she is fairly certain that this played a part in how she ended up manifesting this art form. 

"Minttu" is the name of a Finnish children’s book series that she enjoyed reading with her grandmother, Mummu, who also taught her how to weave and crochet. Lotte felt “Minttu” was an appropriate name for her fibre art as a way of remembering her grandmother and how they spent their time together.