Collection: Twice Turned | Ceramics + Woodworking

Lori has had a lifelong interest in art, design and nature. She is an Urban Planner and Illustrator and has worked for architects, planners and designers for all of her career. When she first put her hands on clay she knew that this would be her passion. Even better, she could combine her design skills with a medium that is centuries old and has infinite variables.

Lori prefers to work in porcelain due to it’s white palette and tactile smoothness. She also loves how it looks with wood forms which her husband Grant creates.

Grant has always had an innate sense of how things work and how they go together. His background is in mechanics and yacht design. Wood working is something that he did earlier in life and came back to in the past few years. He turns wood into amazing and elegant bowls which are also functional.

Together the process of combining wood and clay and creating objects of beauty became their company Twice Turned.

When they are not creating things they are busy with their two daughters and two Golden Retrievers and spend as much time as possible in the mountains or at the ocean.

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