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Rebecca Santry

Mashiter Creek

Mashiter Creek

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This stunning print is a copy of a wet cyanotype. Inspired by the unpredictable movement of the tide, the rivers, the estuaries, the creeks and tiny streams that surround and engulf BC.

The wet cyanotype was created using the flow of water from the Mashiter Creek in Squamish, BC. This is a copy of a cyanotype photogram using UV to expose the deep indigo and blues that resonate with the beauty of the Sea to sky corridor.

Cyanotype is an alternative photo process from the 1800’s. The paper is coated with a light sensitive chemistry and exposed to UV light/Sun for an image to magically appear. The process of coating paper, exposing, and washing the prints is all done by hand. Each photogram is one of a kind and always a surprise!

The technique was invented in 1841 by Sir John Herschel and was popularized by photographer and botanist Anna Atkins. Engineers also used it well into the 20th century to create copies of their drawings which they referred to as blueprints.

Art Print | Please allow 3 week turnaround time for larger prints.

Designed + Printed in Squamish, BC

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